LOCATION                                        YEAR                                        TYPE                                        STATUS                                        SIZE       ATHENS                                         2018                           RESIDENTIAL                                        INVITED                                  400sqm  GREECE                                                                                                                                COMPETITION                                                 
                                                                                                         ARCHITECTS                                                                  DESIGN TEAM                                                                                                ZAPANTIOTIS FOTIS                                                        ZAPANTIOTIS FOTIS    PAPANAGIOTOU STATHIS                                               PAPANAGIOTOU STATHIS 
The main idea of this solution constituted the creation of an inward-facing inner courtyard- nucleus and a circular motion, against which all the functions of the residence are drawn up. For us, the inactive and neglected light ducts of the apartment building become light cubes that form the heart of the residence, acting as focal points that attract all activities in the common areas around them and becoming primary elements of the solution.
In this way, a spatial outcome arises that breaks the tight qualities of the typical apartment and symbolically reinvigorates the development of the inward-facing house, which traditionally characterized the Athenian residence with all spaces revolving around an interior patio-courtyard.
Furthermore, a key aim of this design was to create, in spite of the extensive size of the residence, a free and flowing floor plan, which would allow the user and the visitor to perceive the full extent of their walk and of the apartment at any time. As a result, the unrestrained and prominent nucleus of the house functions as an element of navigation and coordination for all movements and activities that take place around it.
The engraving of the solution around a set of patios thus shapes an inward-looking living space, protected and mysterious, with a courtyard that forms the heart of this composition. This centripetal force of cohesion functions in complement and counterpoint to the centrifugal tendencies of each wing to refer to the city and to take advantage of its own surroundings.
By exploiting and highlighting the peculiar features of the apartment, of its orientation, view, natural lighting, and ventilation, the solution attempts to simultaneously address bioclimatic design issues.
With the harsh boundary of the intersection along the southern side, the residence naturally directs its gaze towards the north and the view of Mount Lycabettus. Apart from the evident exposure of the residence to the view of the city, a key objective of the design was to highlight the particularity of the apartment unfolding around four nuclei-light ducts.
The great depth and the size of the space inevitably make the zone flanking the intersection the least privileged one. By avoiding the instinctive placement of auxiliary services in this part of the house and the creation of a compact structure that would prevent the flow of light and air through the interior, we reverse this condition, upgrading that space into a nucleus with a leading role in the function of the dwelling.
The element of the four light ducts is leveraged as the main parameter of bioclimatic design and healthy living, creating a spatial configuration that utilizes natural ventilation, lighting, and the cooling of the residence. All areas thus have access to lit outdoor areas, overcoming the challenge of dark living spaces.
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